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Our services for Video Production are meant for businesses who are aware of what they need from a presenter for web. We provide them with simplified, good quality filming as well as deployment options. It is possible to order this type of service within a couple of minues if you are using the online ordering system provided in our website.


If you do not know what is it that you want from a video and what it can do for your business in terms of increasing return on investment, then you need a good Video Consulting Service to cater to your video needs.

Large businesses who are on the lookout to find how a usual web presenter service would fit into an already existing digital marketing stratey usually come across portfolio websites.


The initial process is to understand where a particular video helps you in your business in order to obtain better results. Once that is done, we look at the various options available for you which indclude the style and type of video, its length and location.

Through careful evaluation of online statistics and viewing the end-to-end user experience, we identify the main opportunity areas for video and then we agree objectives and KPI’s for the project to fit into your wider online marketing strategy.


Once a good video plan is agreed upon, we start our work with you in order to create the most suitable pitch script and also get the right kind of presenter to present your brand. At the ends of that, it is time for production. The filming is then followed by a process of editing, post processing and also inclusion of graphical elements, animation, imagery etc.
Once the video is done, our expert technical team help you with the deployment of the video to your website. We further work with you to monitor the results using Google Analytics.
The duration of this process may range from a handful of days upto a few weeks. It all depends on the amount of complexity involved.

Our liaison with the most suitable people and their departments while working on the planning as well as the pre-production of the videos ensure that all the required approvals are taken before commencing.
The post production process includes working with the various brand guidelines that ensure flawless integration into the experience of the user. In addition, we collaborate with your IT team in order to deploy the videos into the live environment that you want the video to run. Further, we help you to track and also to report against any KPI's and help you in optimizing the videos to ensure maximum results by using the various analytics data.
The duration of this process can range from few weeks up to many months depending on how far we can meet the requirements you specify.

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