Plans for Pay Per Click Marketing

Online shopping is not a new concept and is a good first shopping stop for most customers these days. With internet marketing emerging as a powerful tool to encourages sales of services and products, Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing is becoming a major aspect of it. In this form of web advertising, companies place their ads in search results and other places and pay when someone clicks on it. The following are some of the PPC Plans available with INIX:

Packages for Pay Per Click Marketing
Project Initiation (Tracking Code Setup)
Search Engine
Google & Bing
Google, Bing & Facebook
Setting Up Account wrong tick tick
Consulting for Conversion Code tick
First Call Setup tick
Optimizing Campaign
Bid Management with Keyword Research
Analyzing Competitively tick
A - B Advertisement Copy Testing tick
Tracking Conversion tick
Tweaking Campaign tick
Additional Activities
Images Advertisements* 2 5 8
Consultation for Landing Pages* 1 2 5
Optimizing Websites (Whenever Necessary) wrong
Support to prevent Click Fraud wrong wrong
Google Analytics
Setup Consultation for Google Analytics Basic Advanced Advanced
Reporting Weekly tick
Reporting Monthly tick
Doing Advanced Reporting wrong
Customer Service
Support via Email
Support via Chat wrong tick
Telephonic Support 1 2 4
For Enquiry Please Contact:
Telephone Number: 08041202827

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