Landing Page Optimization (LPO)

This process is part of online marketing with lot of logical mathematics needed to work on the particular page where the user or potential customer lands after clicking. In landing page optimization, we can avoid unwanted spent clicks and bot clicks. We analyze your website, make prominent landing for the visitors and work on all online ingredients to this part. Inix makes your website increase the traffic rate for dedicated pages in your website, reduces bounce rate and improves ranking. We are sure that we fully focus on landing page designing.

Our landing page optimization service is based on a few processes as follows:

  • Study the webpage where the landing page needs to be optimized and tested
  • Get the page into testing path where the page needs to be tested in various processes
  • Plan the landing page content, meta tags and focus on older versions of the web page result.
  • Observe the progress on this web page analytics and keep in testing path
  • Design a few alternate landing pages with variation to others in set.
  • Start targeting the user to the landing page which is ready and test the pages in all levels of user experience.
  • Study and keep the notice on the user behavior on the pages and track the conversion rates there as well.
  • Make a need progress report or tracking and conversion on landing page.
  • Design a report and send it to the clients.


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